My Story

I first would like to thank God for my talent because with out him I wouldn't be here today. I have been cutting hair professionally for about 5 years, and still to this day, I'm spending several hours a week studying the art of barbering and styling. I had a pretty rough upbringing, even though I truly appreciate everything my parents did for me, like teaching me about Christ and teaching me how to work hard. My parents couldn't afford to take me to the barbershop to get a fresh cut on the regular. So with me wanting to keep myself well groomed I started cutting my own hair, and at first I had to attend school with some pretty bad haircuts. As time moved on my skills got better to the point where my friends started asking me to cut their hair. I always been an artist, I oil paint from time to time, I also create music. Barbering is very much like an art to me which gives me much fulfillment in my career. Well this is just a little bit about myself, I hope to see you soon so I can paint something beautiful on your canvas...get it?